Urban Bat Project

See, Learn and Contribute to the Urban Bat Project

The Urban Bat Project is an exciting community based initiative that aims to support conservation and stewardship efforts of bats in High Park. 

See and hear our bat neighbours on an Urban Bat Walk (stay tuned for upcoming walks and talks)                     Learn fun facts about these fascinating creatures and their importance in our environment Contribute to the scientific discovery of bat activity in your local community by borrowing a bat monitor

 Junior Bat Biologist Program

Calling all junior bat enthusiasts! The High Park Nature Centre wants you to be part of their Junior Bat Biologist Program! Are you a fan of bats? Do you want to learn more about them? Are you interested in meeting the scientists who study the bats that live in High Park? If your answer is yes, then the Junior Bat Biologist Program is for you. Not only will you learn more about bats, you will also get the chance to become a junior bat scientist!

Interested? Here’s what you need to do:

1. Pick up your Junior Bat Biologist question card from the High Park Nature Centre. (Don’t forget to put your name on it – you don’t want to lose it!)

JBB Question Card_Front

JBB Question Card_Back

Bat-Tastic Sticker

2. Collect two bat-tastic stickers to fill your question card. You can collect stickers by doing any of the following things:

A. Come meet scientist Cylita and see some the equipment she uses to study the bats that live in High Park. Make sure you come with questions because Cylita loves to answer them! Stay tuned for information on Cylita’s upcoming visits.


B. SUMMER ONLY: Find one of the trees in High Park that the bat scientists use to sample insects. When you find one these special trees take a picture of yourself with it and show it to scientist Cylita or one of the Nature Centre staff. Click this photo to learn how the team samples insects and more.


C. Go on a Family Nature Walk! You can collect a sticker from Nature Centre staff at the end of the talk. If you already went to one earlier this year,  let the Nature Centre staff know – you can still get a sticker. Click the photo to learn about our upcoming family nature walks.


D. Sign out a bat detector from the High Park Nature Centre and help collect data for the urban bat project! Pick up a sticker from Nature Centre Staff when you return the detector and your data sheet. Click the photo to learn about our bat monitor lending library.

3. Once you’ve collected two stickers, it’s time for some homework. With the help of an adult (if you need it) answer the question at the bottom of your Junior Bat Biologist question card. Once you think you’ve got your answer, come tell scientist Cylita or one of the High Park Nature Centre staff.

4. If you answered your question correctly, you are now officially a High Park Nature Centre Junior Bat Biologist. Its time to collect your official Junior Bat Biologist Card and Bat Buds Button from scientist Cylita or the High Park Nature Centre staff.

JBB Card_Front

Bat Buds Button

 Thanks to Cylita Guy and the Ratcliffe Lab at the University of Toronto



Assistance for this project was provided by the Government of Ontario. For more information, see Species at Risk Stewardship Fund.