High Park Cherry Blossom Watch

  • Track the Sakura from bud to blossom with us!

High Park Cherry Blossom Watch is on! We’ll share weekly photos of the buds so you don’t miss a thing. We will post every Friday until the blossoms are ready to pop and then we’ll post every day until the blossoms have dropped.

As of April 20, our peak bloom prediction for 2017 is between April 24 – 25. Weather patterns over the next few days will vary which could accelerate or delay blossom development. Stay tuned for more info as we will be updating the site on a daily basis.

The flowering of the Sakura trees is spectacular, but peak bloom (typically in late April to early May, depending on the weather) only lasts about a week, so keep updated on the progress of the blooms by visiting this page or following us on Facebook or Twitter!  

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