High Park Cherry Blossom Watch

  • Track the Sakura from bud to blossom with us!

May 2 UPDATE: Cherry blossom season has almost come to an end for 2017. Rain and wind over the past few days has caused most of the petals to fall on Cherry Hill and the trees are leafing out. Trees in other locations are still holding blossoms but are a bit past their prime. If you are coming to the park to see blossoms in the next few days, we recommend visiting the grove of cherry trees near the Adventure Playground / High Park Zoo parking lot or the trees along the shore of Grenadier Pond, closest to the wooden dock and maple leaf garden.

The flowering of the Sakura trees is spectacular, but peak bloom (typically in late April to early May, depending on the weather) only lasts about a week, so keep updated on the progress of the blooms by visiting this page or following us on Facebook or Twitter!  

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