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10:00 AM
جشن اعتدال بهاری : سال نو پارسیان - نوروز تاریخ و زمان : یکشنبه ۲ آوریل ۱۰ الی ۱۳هزینه : ۱۰ دلار سال نو پارسیان، "نوروز" هزاران سال است که در قسمت های مختلف آسیا جشن گرفته می شود. در طول جشن ۱۳ روز، مردم با گرامی داشتن آتش و آب، رقص، هدیه دادن و شعر خوانی به استفبال سال نو می روند. آخرین روز نوروز به سیزده بدر یا روز طبیعت معروف است. در این روز مردم وقت خود را بیرون از منزل و یا با کاشت درخت سپری می کنند. از شما دعوت می شود که با همراه شوید تا نوروز را از طریق کشف اولین نشانه های بهاربشناسیم و جشن بگیریم. ما در مناطق طبیعی "های پارک" پیمایشی خواهیم داشت تا بفهمیم که اوایل بهار چه شکلی است و چه حس و چه صدایی دارد. پیمایش ها به زبان انگلیسی و فارسی خواهند بود. بعد از پیاده روی از شما دعوت می شود که دور آتش جمع شویم و نوروز را با فعالیت های فرهنگی و میان وعده های سبک جشن بگیریم. Spring Equinox Celebration: Persian New Year - Nouruz Date and Time: Sunday April 2nd, 10AM-1PMPrice: $10 Persian New Year, "Nowruz", has been celebrated for thousands of years across Asia. During the 13-day celebration people welcome the new year by recognizing fire and water, through dance, gift exchanges and poetry. The last day of Nowruz is known as "Sizdah-Bedar" or Nature Day. On this day, it is customary for families to spend time outdoors, and give back to nature by planting trees. Join us to learn about and celebrate Nowruz through an exploration of the signs of spring in High Park. We'll head out on a hike through High Park's natural areas to notice what early spring, sounds like, looks like and feels like. There will be hikes led in Farsi as well as English. After the hike we will gather around a fire to celebrate Nowruz through some cultural activities and light snacks.

1:00 PM
Isn’t it frustrating when birds don’t sit still long enough for you to figure out who they are? Knowing birds’ songs would make birding so much easier and more rewarding, but there are SO many. Avian ecologist Bill McMartin will help you get started “Birding by Ear." Note: Please come dressed for the weather as we will spend part of the workshop outdoors. Price: $30 (General, ages 18 - 59) $20 (Seniors 60+) Meet your instructor: Bill McMartin Bill McMartin is a retired ecologist with a passionate interest in birdlife. He studied warblers in the boreal forest for his MSc and enjoyed research so much he kept rolling into a PhD program studying songbirds in southern Ontario’s fragmented forests. After graduating he wrote ecological reports for land trusts, governments and the private sector, often finding species at-risk birds.

1:30 PM
Spring has officially sprung! We're all seeing and experiencing it through different perspectives and from different perches, so bring your spring observations to share! Come for a wander with us to look for tracks in nature left by plants and animals that teach us about this special time of growth and renewal. Note: This program is family friendly. Please note that not all trails we will use will be stroller or wheelchair accessible. This program will be fully outdoors, with access to indoor washrooms. Price: $10 (All participants require a ticket)Free for babes in arms

10:00 AM
Days and Time: Sundays, April 16, 23 and 30,10AM-12PM Join us and artist Alan Li this spring for a nature-inspired art course! Over 3 sessions, you’ll learn how to turn your original ideas into unique Linocut art prints. Our instructor will demonstrate each stage of the linocut process, from design and carving to hand-printing techniques. Suggestions for setting up a printmaking workspace at home will also be discussed. At the end of the course, you’ll take home a variety of hand-crafted prints made on Japanese Mulberry paper, blank Greeting Cards and toned art papers. Note: Art materials will be provided. Please bring your own digital device (tablet, laptop or phone) for researching ideas, personal photos, sketches or designs for inspiration and reference. Price (for all three sessions): $120 (General, 18-59 years) $110 (Seniors, 60+ years) Meet your instructor: Alan Li Alan Li is a visual artist focused on nature. He supports conservation efforts through the sale of his artwork and through volunteering. Alan believes that the act of drawing can open people’s eyes to the planet’s wondrous diversity, and show them that it matters. Alan currently pursues his own projects, teaches workshops, and collaborates with grassroots environmental groups. He founded the League of Urban Nature Artists (LUNA) in 2019.

Pay what you can
1:30 PM
Trees in High Park face many different challenges. In this program, we will monitor the health of some of High Park's trees by learning how to recognize signs of invasive species and other damage. We will work to become stewards of the park by participating in a citizen science project to document our findings. Note: This program will be outdoors, with access to indoor washrooms. This program is recommended for participants aged 12 and up. Youth under 16 must be accompanied by a guardian. The hike route will not be stroller or wheelchair accessible. Price: Pay what you can (Suggested amount: $0-$20)Please bring: A reusable water bottle (can be refilled at the Nature Centre)

1:00 PM
Join the raptors and experts from the Mountsberg Raptor Centre to learn all about these wonderful winged creatures! You will be able to meet at least three of these raptors: Broad-winged Hawk, Red-tailed Hawk, American Kestrel, Merlin or Peregrine Falcon. This is the time of year when raptors are sitting on their eggs. You'll learn what makes each of these birds of prey unique and the challenges they face while nesting. After the presentation you'll get to choose your own self-guided adventure in the park using our raptor ID guides and map of the best places to see raptors in the park.We are offering four time slots on Sunday, April 23: 1-2PM2-3PM3-4PM4-5PM Price: $15/person. Children 3 and under are free but must be registered. Please bring: This is an all outdoor event so please dress for the weather.

1:30 PM
April showers bring May flowers! Join us to explore High Park at this very special time of year, to celebrate the longer days, warmer weather, and flowers blooming! We'll search for spring ephemerals and learn about some of the lovely signs of spring in the park.Note: This program is family friendly. Please note that not all trails we will use will be stroller or wheelchair accessible. This program will be fully outdoors, with access to indoor washrooms. Price: $10 (All participants require a ticket) Free for babes in arms

12:00 AM
***More details and registration coming soon!***
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