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Registration for our Fall 2019 Clubs is now open!
Fall Adult Workshops
Join our community of adult learners this autumn! We have workshops on a variety of topics - birding, mushrooms, and much more!
Family Nature Walks
Guided walks this Summer are happening on Tuesdays. Click here for the full calendar of walks!
Birthday Parties
Our nature-themed birthday parties at our cottage location are hands-on & environmentally friendly. Click here for more details.

Upcoming Events

Regular: $60 Seniors: $44
7:30 AM
Learn the basics of birding from naturalist and long-time birdwatcher, Allyson Parker. This workshop will teach you how to identify birds by sight, how to use a field guide and binoculars to their maximum potential, and where to look for birds in Toronto's biggest park and beyond. Learn how birds change their appearances and their behaviour in the fall and practice your new skills with a guided birding hike to a few of the birding hotspots in High Park, looking for some of the Park's common, rare, and migratory fall birds. The hike is moderate in difficulty. This workshop is a 2-part series. In the first session (Wednesday) you will meet inside and learn the basics of bird identification. You will learn helpful strategies to ID birds, how to use binoculars, and some common species you are likely to see in early fall during the migration season. All of this will prepare you for the second session (Saturday), when Allyson will lead you on a birding hike through High Park during which you can try out your new skills!

Suggested donation $2-5
1:30 PM
Summer migrant birds are on the move again and Monarch butterflies are taking cues from nature that it's time to stop reproducing and start flying South for the Winter. Come and investigate some of our winged friends of High Park who are on the move!This event is great for all ages – bring the whole family! This is a drop-in event. For more information, check out our Family Nature Walks page.

Regular: $50 Seniors: $39
2:30 PM
This workshop is designed for nature artists and anyone who has ever marvelled at the beauty of High Park’s Black Oak Savannah! With the skilled instruction of botanical artist Nellie Sue Potter, you will learn techniques for drawing plants of the savannah such as wildflowers, black oak trees, and many others. We will be outdoors, weather permitting. If it rains, we will be inside, drawing specimens such as black oak leaves and bark, wildflower seed heads, and other savannah treasures found in High Park in mid-September. This course is suitable for all levels. You will learn: How to get started drawing trees, leaves, and flowers How to achieve natural textures Which details to look for and include in your artwork Art Supplies Provided*: Graphite pencils, grades HB & 2H White vinyl erasers Copier paper & clipboards Pencil sharpeners Paper stomps *Supplies limited Art Supplies Recommended*: Graphite pencils, grades 4B, HB, 2H (or your preferred grades) White vinyl eraser Sketchbook with stiff backing; or sketching paper, tape and drawing board; or copier paper on a clipboard Pencil sharpener *We have limited supplies of these items (see art supplies provided); if you already own these, we recommend you bring them along. A sketchbook is highly recommended. Optional items that each student may wish to bring: sunhat, water, portable stool, chair, easel, ruler, a device for photographing subjects, paper stomp, about the size of a pencil.

By donation
1:30 PM
Autumn butterflies, grasshoppers, crickets and blister beetles, oh my! High Park is a haven for so many creepy crawlies and fantastic fliers. Come explore the amazing world of bugs and learn facts such as what makes an insect different from a bug. You’ll discover some of the reasons why bugs are so incredible, how important they are to the ecosystem, as well as have a chance to see some up close and personal. This event is great for all ages – bring the whole family! This is a drop-in event. For more information, check out our Family Nature Walks page.

Regular: $48 Seniors: $36
12:30 PM
Are you interested in learning about the fantastic world of fungi but not sure where to start? Join High Park Nature Centre naturalist Kami Valkova this fall for a workshop that will introduce you to the world of mycology! In this workshop we will explore: The basics of fungal identification using field guides and hand lenses The important ecological roles that fungi play in woodland ecosystems Some of the many species of fungi that can be found in High Park We will begin indoors for an introduction, then head outside for a guided hike through High Park! We will search for fungi, practice our ID skills, and delve into the connection between fungi and the rest of the forest. The hike will be approximately 2 hours long, and of moderate difficulty. Please note that this is not a foraging workshop. We will not be collecting or consuming any fungi on our hike.

Suggested Donation $2-5
1:30 PM
Come on out for an autumn walk, explore what it means to be mindful in nature, stretch into animal forms and experience a sit spot.This event is great for all ages – bring the whole family! This is a drop-in event. For more information, check out our Family Nature Walks page.

Regular: $48 Seniors: $36
12:30 PM
Geared towards early childhood educators, this workshop will explore interactive methods and activities to help get toddlers and pre-schoolers out into nature in their local ecology. This workshop hopes to aid educators in incorporating nature and outdoor time into their programming. You will: Learn practical tips for engaging children from 6 months 5 years in nature-based experiences that are relevant for a wide range of outdoor spaces (daycare yards, school yards, local parks, etc.) Be empowered to address obstacles to getting preschoolers out in nature in an urban setting. Explore theory about outdoor education and engage in meaningful discussions on this topic with a group of your peers, facilitated by the workshop leaders. Participate in relevant hands-on activities you’ll be able to use in your practice. Spend outdoor time on the trails of High Park to practice new skills in nature. What to bring: A notebook and pen or pencil Warm clothing layers, depending on the weather Comfortable shoes or boots Your enthusiasm for nature!

Suggested Donation $2-5
1:30 PM
Wind dancers, hitchhikers, and over winterers. This Family Nature walk will be all about the amazing, diverse and genius ways that plants and trees spread their seeds! We'll even explore ways that seeds can be our teachers, providing valuable lessons about how to spend our energy, and how to work with others!This event is great for all ages – bring the whole family! This is a drop-in event. For more information, check out our Family Nature Walks page.
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