Tracking & Predicting Peak Bloom

Predicting Peak Bloom

One of the most frequently asked questions in High Park during the early spring is “When will High park’s cherry blossom / Sakura trees bloom?”

Blossoms usually reach peak bloom in late April or early May. As you can see from our Peak Bloom Records, the date varies year by year.

cherry blossom bloom 2016

Cherry Blossom Prediction 2016Temperature is important for blossom development. The flowers and leaves of trees have different cooling and heating needs in order to develop. Click on chart to the left to see how temperature and bloom dates correspond.


The blooming period begins when 20% of the cherry blossoms are open and ends when their petals fall. “Peak bloom” starts when at least 70% of the blossoms are open. Once open, flowers last from 4-10 days, depending on the weather conditions. 

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Cherry Blossom Watch

Bloom Tracking Gallery

  • Over the weekend and in the past few days, a few Sakura blossoms have been spotted but they are few and far between. Most of the branches look like the one pictured here – no flowers but lots of leaves. With leaves now emerging, we predict there will be no peak bloom this year. Luckily, there are plenty of other flowering trees blooming now in the park, including crabapples, magnolias and serviceberries!

Cherry Blossom Bloom Timeline

Predicting peak bloom can be difficult, but as buds start to open you can estimate when the flowers will bloom.  Check out our gallery below for an approximate timeline of cherry blossom bloom!