High Park Cherry Blossom Watch

CBW_donate-buttonCelebrate spring’s arrival with a visit to High Park and participate in the centuries old Japanese tradition of Sakura Hanami, roughly translated as “cherry blossom flower viewing.” The flowering of the Sakura trees is spectacular, but peak bloom only lasts about a week, so keep updated on the progress of the blooms by visiting our website. We’ll take weekly photos of the buds so you don’t miss a thing!

We are currently predicting that peak bloom will happen in middle of May. Because some buds are producing leaves there could be fewer flowers this year. 

  • Cherry Blossom Watch
    Keep track of the progress with us!

Top Tips For a Responsible Visit

Walk, Bike or TTC

Walk, bike or take public transit to the park. Reduce air pollution and get exercise too!

Be green! Please bring your garbage home, or make no garbage by using reusable containers.

Take only memories and photos. Please do not break Sakura branches or take blooms off trees.

If you venture into natural areas, stay on existing trails to avoid trampling plants and compacting soil.








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  • Tracking & Predicting 
    Peak Bloom

    Track the blooming progress in our slideshow gallery. Review statistics from years past to learn how we predict the full bloom ahead.

  • Planning Your Visit
    Don’t plan your visit before checking this out! View an interactive map, directions, and tips on how to make your visit fun, safe and responsible. 

  • History and Horticulture 
    Read about the history of cherry blossoms in Toronto and Japan. Learn how the value of these trees exceeds that of beauty. How does local wildlife use the trees?