Bat Detector Lending Library

Be a citizen scientist and have fun exploring your bat neighbours with friends and family using a real bat detector! We need your help collecting data on where and what bats are found in High Park and around Toronto. Join us in this community collaboration to learn more about our natural environment!

How does it work?
Bats are incredible creatures who use inaudible ultrasonic sounds like radar to avoid obstacles and locate prey. Our easy-to-use hand-held bat detectors convert the high frequency ultrasound of passing and feeding bats into sounds that can be heard by humans. Depending on the tuning and types of sounds, you will even be able to identify the species of bat you find!  

borrow a bat monitor from our libraryWhat will I need to do?

The High Park Nature Centre’s Bat Detector Lending Library is open each year from June through October. We invite you to borrow a detector to survey for bats in your neighbourhood!

To sign out a detector, attend one of our Urban Bat Walks or contact the Nature Centre to make an appointment to drop-in for a quick training session (see below). 

Detectors can be signed out for 7 days free of charge. A credit card is required to borrow a detector, but your card will not be charged unless the unit is damaged upon return or lost.

Then, you can head out for a walk in your neighbourhood, local park, or High Park during the evening to search for bats!  You can record your bat data on an Observation Form and then submit your data to our urban bat sightings database. The data we collect as a community will be compiled and shared with our academic partners, the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, and the public via our website.

Who do I contact to participate?
To learn more about the Bat Detector Lending Library or to make an appointment to sign out a detector, please contact or call 416-392-1748.

Check out the data that YOU have collected by borrowing the bat monitors.

This map will be continually updated as data from researchers and citizen scientists like you continue to contribute to Urban Bat Project.

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Assistance for this project was provided by the Government of Ontario. For more information,
see Species at Risk Stewardship Fund.