Cherry Blossom Update #4

We are happy to announce that the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom! We checked on the state of the Sakura trees this morning and found that about 10% of the flowers are in bloom. With the warm weather expected on Thursday and Friday, we expect them to be in full bloom Friday into this weekend. Make sure to take some time from your busy day to enjoy these beautiful, awe-inspiring trees before the blooming period ends!

The Sakuras are looking gorgeous already, but are not in full bloom yet.

About 10% of the flowers are open as of Wednesday.

11 thoughts on “Cherry Blossom Update #4

  1. Any idea how long the blooms will last? Do you think there will be some left next weekend (April 24/25)?

  2. Jon,

    Thank you for your updated…Would you advise us to visit this Sunday (Apr 17/2010) or is it too late and should make a visit Friday/Satuday itself?

  3. Noah, you should be fine visiting on Sunday. Check out our update on Friday to have a better idea of how much has bloomed.

  4. hmm… hopefully it will still look as nice in the pics by then…. *keeping fingers crossed*

  5. Rebecca,

    Thats really good to know :) Will charge my extra batteries Saturday nite :D

    Sure will do check on Friday…

    Maricel, even the centennial park at etobicoke has cherry blossoms trees if you miss out most of the peak bloom at our high park, might be worth if you can go there…

  6. Thanks for the tip Noah. We’ll probably try to go this Sunday instead. Any idea how crowded the park will be at 9 am on Sunday?

  7. planning to go visit end of this month but is it too late to go and see the cherry blossom? :(

  8. I’m planning on a vist on May 1 which is 2 weeks from today..would there be any left?

  9. Keep on checking back with us, but they will reach full bloom this weekend. It’s unlikely they will last until next weekend.

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