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Tips for Registration

Tips for Registration Day

Registration for our clubs and camps programs is done online. Please note we do not accept registrations over the phone. Spots fill quickly, so here are some tips to help you get a spot.

Before registration opens:

  1. Have your account email and password ready
    You can create an account here, or if you have made an account with us before you can check your account here.
  2. Know the programs you are interested in beforehand
    You can check our camp offerings by clicking here.
    You can check our club offerings by clicking here.
  3. Practice using the system
    Try going through the registration steps for another program (no need to pay for the program- just quit at the payment page!).

On registration day:

Registration FAQ

Can more than one parent be logging into our account to try to get a spot at the same time?

No, unfortunately if more than one person is logged into the same account at the same time you may get a system error and lose all the spots in your cart.

What do I do when registration opens?

Our registration system has multiple pages. On the first page (Step 1) make sure you have selected ALL children you want to register before continuing to the program selections (Step 2).

If you are registering more than one child, they will each have their own tab in Step 2. You will need to select a program option (or waitlist) for each child before continuing. Our younger programs generally fill faster than older programs, so we recommend securing a spot for your youngest child first.

Programs were already waitlist only when I refreshed the page. Was there priority registration?

We do not currently offer pre-registration for our summer camps or clubs. Due to high demand, some of our programs fill in seconds! If programs are full when you sign in, please add your name to the waitlist as spots do sometimes open up.

The session changed from available to waitlist as I put it in my cart. Was this a glitch?

Spots fill quickly, and sometimes you might click on a program that is available, but someone else got to it seconds before you. This means it might have been available when you went to click on it but switched to waitlist as it was going into your cart. Still add yourself to the waitlist, as spots do sometimes open up!

I have secured my spots but the system won't let me continue to the payment page. What's wrong?

You will need to fill out all of the household and personal forms for every child before moving on to the payment page. Please check that all forms are complete. The system will save your camp spots for 60 minutes while you fill out the required forms.

I completed the process but did not receive a confirmation email. Did my registration go through?

Once you have completed all the forms and completed the payment page, you will receive a confirmation email. If you have not received a confirmation email either:

If you have completed the registration steps but have not received a confirmation email please let us know!

Do I need to fill out all the forms if I am just on a waitlist?

Yes! You need to complete all the required forms and complete the registration to secure a spot on the waitlist. If you have not received a confirmation email you are not yet on the waitlist.

If you have any questions about registration don't hesitate to contact us at We hope to see you this season!

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